Cross Canadian Ragweed - BlueBonnets Lyrics

Dierks Canada: This is Bluebonnets. This is my song.

Hair blowin' in the wind
I wonder what you pretend you are
When you run

Bandana on your head
Your face is turning red
You throw it down to the ground
When you are done

I'll think of you, when the bluebonnets bloom
When the bluebonnets bloom, I'll think of you

You always seem to make me laugh
When you ask me what is that
A million times
And you know

Little things that you do
They are the things that get me through
When I'm up to my hips in snow


Another night I'm working hard
Another night another bar
A million miles outta touch
Say your prayers, say my name
Keep it fresh on your brain
And don't forget that I love you this much


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