Crumb - Implore Lyrics

Where did you get those summer rays?

I'm caught thinking towards the days,

When summaries did not cloud,

when everything i did made my mother proud.

Dont you ever compromise?

Then you will she just where it lies.

Underneath their best intentions.

Where did I get these winter ways?

If you want me, I'll be outside,

with my hands in my pockets,

with my mouth on the ground.

Don't you ever realize?

It's not just those that i despise,

but your lack of attention.

It's just a problem you need!

It's just a problem you need!

Need, need

It's just a problem you...

It's just a problem you...


Did you ever get the letter that I wrote you?

Said "I hope you feel better soon,

and maybe by then we could comprehend

how to work things out and how not to shout.

When we sit down late,

Mourning for the death of your ever present pout.

Every time I get the feeling things are going fine,

I get this creepy little feeling, climb spine ladder to whine.

It's just a something. It's just a none thing.

It's just something!"

Need, want, need, want,

need, want, need, want,

need, want, need, want,

need, want,need

It' just a problem you need,


Need is just a problem you want.

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