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Pointed - The Traveling Song Lyrics

So you want some traveling

And you want someone with whom to travel, too

So who will it be --

To share the drive and keep you company?

You smile and point my way

Well, it's a pleasant surprise

To see in whom your pleasure lies

Let's see...

So little time and such a vast country!

So where will it be?

There's so much out there that I've not seen!

We're letting fancy soar

Yeah, we're snipping her string

To see what pleasures getting abroad can bring

And hand in hand

We'll tackle every corner of western land


I could have given up and left this existence

I could have given up all drive and persistence

I nearly stopped, but I gave things a shot a little longer

And dreamt that there was someone yet to find

I thought that I was done when I hadn't started

I thought I'd died but I was just brokenhearted

I wanted to reach and taste the fruits of life without standing

It's demanding, and I didn't think it'd pay

And though it's not the usual thing to say,

I don't really, really need you

And though it's not the usual thing to say,

I don't live because I love you

(Though I do love you)

I buckled down and looked around at existence

I found the things that gave me drive and persistence

What would happen if I stuck around a little longer?

Maybe someday I would be surprised

So now I look around and see what I've started

And how there wasn't need to be brokenhearted

I stand and reach and taste the fruits of life with the understanding

That bitch

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