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Amaranthine Trampler - Rot In Loneliness Forever Lyrics

Diving through clouds
To get to the forbidden place where ecstacy reigns
The ground is more solid beneath my feet
As the colour of love flows from my shattered teeth
Retching in harmony
I will lay and stare at the sky because that never hurt me
The lightning struck once but I forgave it, as it did me a favour
Just a name carved into stone; I need no one - Alone
No soft words did I ever speak
I spat forth the truth, but your ears were weak
Spread me on the ground and I will watch your stupidity with fascination
You're not an x-ray machine
Because if you were we could both lay together serene
But the shell of the ghost is what pulls you in
I hope it carries you down into a deep pit of regret
Hearts weren't devised for inferior beings
Love is the cancer of this planet
Under the sun - Never see the light of day
Blind, weak - I hear both in your voice as you speak
Close your eyes, open your legs and reality will go away
Echoes of urges will fester in my mind forever

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