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Amaranthine Trampler - Autumn Is Dying - Winter Is Dead Lyrics

Divine in our guilt, we wilt like flowers growing from poisoned landscapes
Our hearts never blameless in their vomitory fixations
Dressed in umbilical kisses, born from new patterns of thought
This new emotion whisks us away into heaven, into our chosen misery
All dreadful doom come unto me
I am ready and willing, I long to be free
From lovelorn conviction and voracious contempt
From the self-indulgent stench of all earthly wishes
I have so much to give, my crown can hold no more grief
I ache to coil my celestial passions around the bosom of divinity
Complexion in a face's sky tell me that my ardent inside will never see the light
The autumn leaves beneath my feet tell me that life's long journey will soon come to an end

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