Blue Rodeo - This Town Lyrics

Walking through these empty streets this town is dead
Rain is coming harder now upon your head
You can't get far enough away
What's it matter anyway You never win

They handed you a map to show you where to go
Gave you everything but what you need to know
You know your friends enough to say
Where they'll be on any day
Come what may

Surprise surprise The morning sun is in your eyes
Get up throw that life away
Yesterday is yesterday And lies they lied
They said you get what you deserve in life
But that's just not the way it seems You end up living someone else's dreams
It's true It follows you around You don't have to love this town

Friday night beneath the bridge just one more time
You wish that you could leave this dirty town behind
There never seems to be a way
Hold on for another day
You will find

Surprise surprise
The sun that hits your lonely eyes
It wipes out every other day
Yesterday is yesterday
And lies they lied
It's not what you deserve it's what you try and try and try again Failing's just a step along the way
It's true There's no one here for you In time you wait and you will find
The ones who never let you down
You don't have to love this town

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