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Demi Lovato - Got Dynamite Lyrics Lyrics

I can't make you feel what you don't feel but I know you wannafind out how to crack me log in try to hack me #)Underneath the surface that so much you need to knowyou might feel like you drowning but that's what I need to let go*)tell me what you got to break down the wall you just might need dynamiteand tell me what you got to breakdown the wall kick senseless make defencestell me what you gonna doI need you to light the fusetell me what you got to break down the wallyou just might need dynamiteI can't paint this picture just so you can hangin'I can't wait for you to understand if you just don't get itfind out how to crack melog in try to hack me back to#) and *)When the walls are crashing down I hope you standing right in front of mewhen the past lies all around cuz all you need to save meisn't anythingto make the wall come crashing down got got dynamite  [ thanks to ilfanajmiarifa[at]rocketmail.com for submit this lyrics  ] 

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