Ben Colder - Running Bare Lyrics

In the bathtub, I was takin' a shower,
It was awful late, I don't know the hour.
But I heard a sireen way 'cross town,

I looked out the door, my house had burned down.

((Runnin' bare)) down the sidewalk,
Neighbors seein' what they could see.
I'm ((runnin' bare)) down the sidewalk,
Hey, lady, don't look at me.

I went to the river, take a little swim,
Hung my britches on a big ol' limb.
Some girls came by, you know what dey done?
Stole my britches and away they run.

I'm ((runnin' bare)) down the creekbed,
Girls a-playin' a trick on me.
I'm ((runnin' bare, )) I'm tryin' ta catch 'em,
I gotta get my pants back, don'tcha see?

My girlfrien' called, said, "Hey, Ben, come around."
'Cause my husband, he's out of the town.
Well, after a while, boy, he walked in,
I said, "Excuse me, " and I was gone again.

I'm ((running bare)) through them bushes,
Dodgin' bullets from tree to tree.
((Runnin' bare)) through the bushes,
Runnin' Bare, is what they call me.

((Runnin' bare)) through the bushes,
Ooo-hoo-hoo-ooo, he's comin' after me.
I'm ((runnin' bare)) through the bushes.
Runnin Bare, that's what they call me.

((Runnin bare, )) yeah, they call me Runnin' Bare,
In my rawhide underwear, ooo-hoo-hoo-ooo.
An' I'm gettin' some air, just goin' somewhere,
I am the original streaker!

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