Young RoDDie - Suna Or Lata Lyrics


Wherever u are baby
It's gon' be hot
Do it again?
U want me to...
Do it again?
Let's go

[Verse 1]

Mirror, look, worst that I've ever seen
Fuck the mood that is singin all the evergreens
Turn this shit up now, act simply mean
Freak out on this joint like u're mr bean
Cause u're the girl of a mans dream
Make me wanna be in debt just to pay it back
And I'd pay it back well, first I run up on the score then I'm gon' tell ya
I usually come by myself when it's loud in the club and u can't cry for help
Checking u hard, get a hold of ur waist but not dragging you, touching you soft
Perceive when my fingers on ur belly
Writing on ur stomach the word u read chevy they say
I'm sex as Kelly, dirrty as nelly
When I pop the cherries on the way to the telly


I ain't womanizing
But I'm hot I can't deny it
Seeing u is appetizing
Believe me when I say
I'll fuck u suna or lata
Suna or lata
Suna or lata
Suna or lata


I'ma get behind ya
Just move, shake
I'ma get behind ya
Shake and move, I like it

[Verse 2]

Now u're at the bar getting some'n to drink
U ain't with a man that's what dawgs do think
And I know that u know who "nah" and who "the shit"
Come back with a milkshake aybody wanna sip
Smooth on 'em hips, groove got your tits shaking
U won't uncover til your heart is wild palpitating
The thrill, action, u're hesitating
The more u ask yourself, the more they ask u
(You) hey ma what it do?
(You, You) I wanna get wit u boo
(You, You) shawty what, u so cruel?
See I know where the shoe pinches
Reason I backed off before a few inches
Laid back's the shit a true feeling
As I catch your sparkling eyes
And they glare and testify

[Chorus] x 2


Yea, are u ready?

I'ma get behind ya
Suna or lata
I'ma get behind ya
Move, shake, yea
Let me get behind ya
Feel it, uh, n shake
Suna or lata
I'ma get behind ya
How u feelin? heh shake
I'ma get behind ya...

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