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Ben Colder - Hello Walls No. 2 Lyrics

(See Note 2a)
Hi friends, I'm Sheb Wooley. I'd like you to meet a good friend of mine. He,
he's just a little bit off tonight. Here he is, Ben Colder!

Hello wall.

I didn't see you standin' there.
Did I hurt you? ((Hello, hello.))
Boy, I sure did hit you square. (Ahh-ahh-ahh.)
Now one of us is plastered,
And I'll let you guess who. (Ahh-ahh-ooo.)
Just imagine bumpin' into you.

Hey, wall. ((Hello, hello.))
Why did you let them move the door?
And the ceiling,
(Doo-ooo, doo-ooo.)/Hello, hello.
Why it use'to be the floor. (Ahh-ahh-ahh.)
Someone came while I was out,
And changed you all aroun'. (Ahh-ahh-ooo.)
Or could it be that I'm standin' upside down?

That chandalier it's all lit up.
It took a swing at me.
And someone put the bathtub,
Where the kitchen sink use'to be.

Hello bedsheet. (Hello, hello.)
I guess I'd better lay me down.
You know I can't sleep,
(Doo-ooo, doo-ooo.)/Hell no, hell no.
If this bed keeps spinnin' aroun'. (Ahh-ahh-ahh.)
There's a picture on the headboard,
Hey, I've seen them folks before. (Ahh-ahh-ooo.)
Son of a gun, I'm in the house next door.

Boy, that sure would pickle your prunes!

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