Britannia High - Megamix Lyrics

Now I know where to go,
I'm not following the crowd
But there's so many faces staring at me.

I'm not going with the flow,
I gotta wave goodbye and say hello,
To unfamiliar circumstances!

Oh oh oh,
I'm gonna start believin' in myself.
It's up to me and no-one else.
I'm feelin'!!

This could be the start of something,
I can feel my heart is jumping.
Want to walk but can't stop running,
(Oooooo)I can't stop running!
Good to be a part of something,
Once upon a time was nothing.
This could be the start of something,
This could be the start of something good!

i wanna live everyday like the last day
the last day of my life
i wanna feel like im outa the ledge
i wanna learn to fly
i wanna live on the edge of the world
throw my hands up and be happy to fall


why, why, why
don't you even
try, try
to open up your eyes

wake up wakeup
live your life
wake up wake up
it'll be alright
when you feel it
when you know it
wanna shout it
wake up wake up

live your life!

Oh, why is there a gap where you used to fall?
It’s like; I don’t even know you at all,
Despite, everything we’ve been through,
You've departed.

I feel like something’s broken,
You’re blind,
Blinded by the light,
It’s time, time, time for the intervention,
There’s a missing person.

You used to like red and now you like blue,
You used to come to us and now you make us come to you,
take a look in, to the mirror do,
Do you recognise the guy that’s looking back at you?

It's the same old line and the same old chat
You can't do this, you can't do that
I don't wanna hear it anymore
I see that look that's in your eye
You judge by the cover not what's inside
I dont wanna see it anymore

Hope is coming round

I don't wanna let go (I don't wanna let go)
I'm not lettin' myself down
I don't wanna let go, (I don't wanna let go) woah, woah
I've come too far to turn around
I don't wanna let go
'Cos this ain't someone else's dream
I don't wanna let go
I don't wanna say no
'Till you see the best of me

Ohh you think you've got it all figured out
You think you're so damn cool whats that all about?
But I've got mine just watch this space
Yeah you just wait
hold up a mirror you should see yourself
you think you're so much better than everybody else
but i've got time just watch this space
and you just wait

Thanks to Els

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