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The Flatliners - ..And The World Files For Chapter 11 Lyrics

We Only!
We only take what we need
If Only!
If only they could just see these flames are burning green
And the world will end tonight!

Try to find hope in a world where trust means dollars
And you're always in the struggle if you've got a blue collar
The eyes go blind behind the suits and ties
It's Tme!
Tearing through your pickets, they're frail and weak already
So look over your shoulder and find something to sell
The money-grubbing liars with the confidence and speed
Are picking at your wallet when you're trying to break free

The taxes on the public, you sell a lung to cope
We're always cashing in and tapping out until we're broke
Your life becomes a number and they've got you by the throat
And the flames destroy your last bit of hope
And your wallet feels the dead weight of it all
Waste it, don't waste it, gotta hesitate
And I'll scream these words from my throat until we're all fucking broke
They've got you by the throat

We could watch all this ink melt away
And everything else will go up in flames
There's nothing left of today, of today
And we only take what we need

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