Before There Was Rosalyn - The Belladonnamyth Lyrics

War wages outside these walls but your eyes are like the sea.
Two oceans that pull and draw me in.
Our hands in one another's,
this moment in time will pass too soon.
History will devour the love between us both.
Consequence will take me from you. '
Forgive me' will be written on the walls of a room
I will paint with the brush of regret and bind in a book
I will seal with a kiss the night this century comes to an end.
Oh my fabled Eve, it's not you but I who still burns from the serpent's tongue.
Take this knife, split my heart in two.
I'll keep half of you.
You'll always be the better half of me.
With your hand in mine I thought we'd last forever.
I hope you understand.
I have to hope we never meet again.
War wages outside these walls, it too shall pass.
With your hand in mine and mine in yours,
I'd hold these gates forever,
but the new millennium will see Ahab's great white whale
traded for a unicorned horse.
I will understand your distance. I will understand your silence

(Thanks to Patrick for these lyrics)


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