Greenfly - Crossbreaker Lyrics

Your stupid way of life

You're trying to impose

Thinking for our minds

Who do you think you are?

Years of pain,

Of death, and persecutions

Burn in hell, you say,

And we don't care

Why do we have to obey

All the lies that you tell?

Can't you see that your time is near extinction?

We prefer to think for ourselves

We don't need your words,

Which are full of blood

Moralistic terror

Centuries of pain

Religion is an error

Your saints died in vain

Catholics are denied

And vatican fools

The pope stinks

Forever I'll be

Forever we'll be

Forever I'll be


Your empire is falling

Now you are afraid

Maybe a divine punishment

From the people you've killed

Crossbreaker I'll be

Crossbreaker we'll be

Crossbreaker we are

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