Young Money - Where's Wayne Lyrics

Boy when we cath you, it's over with. Even stunna can't sane you on this one.

Yo I'm a show these girls how to pick 'em. get 'em in the trick'm on dat burr stick 'em. see I'm the mistress, he the president. his name lil wayne but dats irrelavent. yo millz I'm a grab that lil nigga by the dreadlocks, kick in the door break the chains and the bedlock

Yo I been hittin his phone and still can't get him. I know he ain't missin um probably jus hidden. somewhere in a multi million dollar condo and I'm a put his life in the gps pronto. I got a call from the mistress. then I hit Gudda with the quickness

Yo wats poppin ain't nothin on my end. this nigga hard to find like ben ladden. I'm a put him in the trunk since he like hiding. tie the nigga up, make him comfy inside and me l and lil chuckee still ridin', lurkin

Axe in the truck, when we find him it's hurtin'. yea that's for certain

He betta run upstate or he gon' get gagged, tied up, and duck taped.

Sittin on the block and I'm so insane, trynna find lil wayne I even called Mack Mane, but no answer, no ring, and no wayne, but now I'm just confused like a pimp without a cane. so I called lil chuck and said dawg where you at.

I'm tryna call weezy homeboy call back.

So I took 30 minutes out of my time and day tryna reach the president, but it ain't goin my way

I'm on the scope lookin for this busta named wayne, when I catch 'em no softness man it's chain gang. I been around too long I know he got money. he probably on a jet flyin to another country. or matter fact he probably chillin in miami, with reginae and dem chillin' with da family. get up in the six and go err make it stay, after this commercial break.

When I find this guy man I swear dat it's ova, I'm a put his dread head under the rova. homeboy I'm it and I'm a take the maybach
Now back to you I'm a do what it do fool, and paint the boogada blue boy that'll hurt you. but all of a sudden I started hushin' and huffin, huffin, and puffin in a minute nicki minaj gon' gettem let's get it

I'm a grab him by the waist and give him some look face, then tie him up while I run up in the safe. styrofoam cups everything is gettin gat, I make my niggas tatoo nicki on his back. yo gudda get the chainsaw in case we see him, let that little nigga know he gotta pay for dem. cause wayne think he I'll since he copped dat boogati, runnin round with baby he be stuntin like his daddy.

Nick I overstand it, never words copy copy, hiensight I want his dv9 and his mazarati he slick and he cocky but he gon' get sloppy. and when we come across him I'm a kimbo slice his body. Dwayne carter's whereabouts is a must get we all on the label we'll never turn to suspects.

Good cause I ain't tryna do no jail time.

Don't worry bout it twist your alaby gon' be the same as mine, and nicki's, and gudda's, and chuckee's. we might even get his black heart in the pen if we lucky.

This nigga runnin' out of time, and I'm runnin out of patience. time is money and his life, he might pay with. probably in the studio, dats his rest haven

Hold up gudda who got me crow, cause I jus missed him, he was in the grove. but now he downtown at the second lounge posted up stuntin' all in the ground but then he spotted me. he tied to break it go but then I took him down the advantage of bein' young drag him to the riva everybody hurry up I got this nigga .

Thanks to Kayla for correcting these lyrics

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