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Verse 1



Our own thoughts winding out crookedly

Misfortune oppurtunities

Lost among our dimented bundle

Lies hiding in truth

Losing games which were forever broughten by your satinistic eyes

Obstacles sperpasing me

Shadows reaching over me

Sun hits deep within

Damaging criticly


Look for a star

I picked the same one

Where ever we are

Were together

Verse 2

Looking over our souless situations laughing at the lifeless tomb

Madness begins in laughter

When reality tilts

And burries crumble

Underneath all of the debree

You'll find me

Laying there breathlessly

Confusion deep confusion flashing past your very eyes

We lived a life of lies now in sorrow you look at me

It was never ment to be

The sun is always following me

Glancing down tragically

Repeat Chorus

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