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XTM - Fly On Those Wings Of Hate (Dj Myd Nyt Kry) Lyrics

Welcome, this is, Dj Myd Nyt Kry

Featuring Brooklyn Bounce

you're about to experience, the song of your life

ready boys, here comes the bass.

(Kick B Low)

f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,fly,fly,fly,fly,fly,fly on the wings of love,love,love,l,l,l,l,love

reaching the stars above, touching the sky

experience the Love

Fly on the wings of love

experience the Bass

(Extreme High Kick D)

(Female singing)

taste the toxic of your love

taste your own poison, and see how it feels

i flew with you, on the wings of "love"

but that's what i thought i was,was,w,w,w,w,was

the wings of hate, the wings of love

those wings of pain

taking you away, to a very painful place

so how would you feel, if you were the one on those wingsss!!!!!!

Time to bring it back!

Fly on the wings of Love

fly baby fly high

reaching the stars above

touching the sky

as the beats fade, and the bass collide

as the time goes by, and as the song come closer to the end

we'd like to finish it ok with the best


fly on the wings of love

reaching the stars above

fly baby fly high

touching the sky

We are! One big family of Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(End Bass and Beat)

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