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Ufo - Way The Wild Wind Blows Lyrics

I heard from frankie there's trouble at his place
On highway 95 the police they gave me chase
I was with his sister I hadn't seen a thing
They had an apb just to bring me in

* oh, I had jenny by my side
Oh, she never told me that she'd lied

** if that's the way (that) our love goes
I'll take my chances with you I know
And we'll go the way the wild wind blows

I wasn't gonna stop they'd have to catch me first
And as I ran the red I heard the gunfire burst
Across three counties chasin' me for days
But judge I didn't know that she was under age

* repeat


Well the judge he was generous and gave me a rest
Of eighteen months in the county's best
And I got a visit from jenny yesterday
By the time I'm out everything will be ok

* repeat
** repeat

She gave me one look
You could see it in her eyes
And we'll go the way the wild wind blows

*** and while I'm away dream of dreams
That what we had no one had seen
Because we go the way the wild wind blows

*** repeat and fade

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