After The Fire - The Stranger Lyrics

Walking along in the light of the streetlamps
The rain makes the pavements and walls seem to shine
I’m aware of the fact that there’s someone behind me
Footsteps I hear that are other than mine
I try to walk faster but the stranger stays with me
Every step that I take seems to quicken his pace
He’s alongside me now but I daren’t turn to see him
Then headlamps like searchlights flash over his face
And I see the world in his eyes

I’m down at the sea and I stand among sand-dunes
The sky hangs so heavy and the sea’s thick and gray
The wind bends the reed-grass and whistles its sad tune
It bites at the water and chases the waves
There’s someone beside me — I know it’s the stranger
This time I’m not scared, this time there’s no fear
I turn and I see him standing there in the darkness
The clouds part for a second and the moon shines so clear
And I see the world in his eyes
And I see the world in his eyes

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