ONYX - Veronica Lyrics

[fredro starr (sticky fingaz) {sonsee}]
(yo what's up baby? )
Ay yo stick manshit is fucked up!
(who the fuck this? )
It's fuckin fredro man!
(yo yo yoturn the muthafuckin music down god.)
It's my fuckin wordstickyman!
(yo what's up nigga? )
Muthafuckas wetted everything out there.
(what the fuck you talkin about? )
Muthafuckas is deadson!
(yo yocalm down niggacalm down!)
Word to fuckin mother man!
(just tell me what happenedgod.)
It had to be about eight o'clock (uh huhuh huh)
When niggas sprayed the blockit's mad hot
Yo half the spot got locked
(what? who got shot? )
My little nigga bill from down the hill
We had a one through five
I heard he might not survive (awdamn)
He caught one in his leg
Two shots hit him in his upper (what? )
Part of his chesttwo inches above his vest
Heard you next (I'm next? )
That's the word in the projects
(what? them niggas ain't no threat
They'll whole set'll get wet
Yo go get the akand my two nines with the silencers
And at seven thirtyy'all niggaz meet me at veronica's)
Aightno doubtyo be safeyo nigga I'm out
{let me talk to himlet me talk to him}
Yo yo stick hold upyo yo yo sticktalk to son
(aightaight) don't even wet that doneyo I'm bringin mad guns
{ay yo stickthat's my word
It might be them niggas from riverside
Cuz I heard they knew somethin
About how my little nigga died}
(who wholittle dave with the red car? )
{yeahhe had beef up there
With the same ones we seen at the strip arcade
With the scar by his head}
(aight aightget the big shitno bullshitit's time to flip
And I'll see y'all niggas laterbe safe)
{no doubtaight kid}

Then they jumped in the expo
Aiyyo son slow downwe got mad techs yo
Fuck that I'm vexed yo!
Yeah I knowI know but chilllet alone and chill
We meet the gods so we can bill on these niggas for real

It was a half an hour drive 'fore they finally arrive
Veronica came to the doorshe smiled and said

Hihi! step insideget out the rain get dry
Sticky's in the back playing pool by the sauna

[fredro starr (sticky fingaz) {sonsee} *veronica*]
We stepped in the back all I smelled was marijuana
(yo what's up? ) yo nigga what's up
(you know I don't give a fuck
Them niggas time's up
You got them two nines or what? )
No doubtI bought it all out
{kid I'm ready to go to war!}
(ay yo yo yochill let's play it smart
And catch em by surprise
We'll do it on the ninjas
In the mornin before the sunrise
Ay yo veronica*yes? * yo gimme some beers
And cook me some foodI'm starvin)
*okalright darlin*
Yo stickwhat's up with this bitch?
(I'm startin to like this chick)
Yo she a bad bitch
{yeahplus her dad is rich}
(yo fuck itrack it up
C'mon lemme bust your ass
Nine ball)
Yeah aightput your money where your mouth is
Winner take all
{ay yoI got nextpass me a beck's and a philly
Cuz this l we bout to puff is for my nigga billy}

A hour passed

*dinner's ready* what's to eat?
*i made spaghetti in clam sauce*
(see? she know I'm the damn boss)
*i'ma go upstairs and lay down
You guys enjoy your meal*
{yo how many rooms this spot got? this crib is ill}
Ay yo this food is slammingod
She cook like she black
(yeahand after this i'ma go upstairs and tear out her back)

*it's meveronica. yeah they're all here right now
(veronica? *huh? * who was that? )
*ohoh just my dad*
(c'mere my little freak dogwhy you lookin so sad?
You want daddy to cheer you up?
You know you like when I spank you
So bend over by the bedpost and grab your ankles)

(after three nutthen fell the fuck out
Cuz in the mornin gotta take care of this b-i
No doubt)

Wake up motherfuckers!

[fredro starr]
Oh shit! what did I see?
Five niggas pointin guns at me (.? .) and sonsee
*fuck that! shut the fuck up!
Nigga get the fuck on the floor!*
Hit me dead in the jaw
With the chrome four four

[sticky fingaz]
Woke up the next mornincouldn't hardly sleep last night
Oh shit my two nines is missinwait somethin ain't right
Where the fuck that bitch go? damn that hoe!
WaitI knowthat bitch in the kitchen praly makin me something to eat
But still wearin my heat
Fuck it i'ma wake these niggas up so we can go hit the street
I went downstairscouldn't believe my eyes
I seen veronica with three guys twice my size
They all had guns but I was gatless
Last thing I saw was the kid with the scar
And then I seen blackness
Remember thinkinhow the fuck they know?

[repeat 6x]

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