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ONYX - Shut 'em Down Lyrics

Straight up nigga
Motherfuckin southside nigga (word up)
[sf] brooklyn what!
We gonna do it just like this man
Straight to your whole area (word up word up)
You know what we fin' to do
Shut 'em downshut 'em down
Yeahyo.. word upyo
[sf] it's time to take over the world!

Chorus: repeat 4x

Shut 'em down - shut 'em downshut 'em down

[onyx - 1]
Official nast'I'm tired of these.. yoyoyo
Shut 'em down start the violence we whylin whylin
Slain rapper's body found washed upon coney island
When I rolled upthis nigga heart slowed upthat killa froze up
When I pulled upjumped out with the pump-pump 32 shots and ducked out
Then I broke outleft that cat for dead his body smoked out
Cause when I fall outy'all killas got kill me kid I'm goin all out
Life's a bitchfuck it! got a gunbust it!
The gameplaygotta play by the rules of your own cannot be trusted
Don't try to testabide your chestput five inside your vest
Have you layin where the dead rest
Shoulda known when you was lookin in the eyes of death
Asked the lord for forgiveness
When I did thisthere was not no witness
But he should understand -- cause even God got a shit list

Yo it's beatdowns anonymousI spits like a shiny silver nine'll bust
Niggaz fine to bustwe the kind that rush
Those thathold backtaking your whole stack
Grimy street catsniggaz baldheadlike kojak
Go gat for gatquote thatin factyou can smoke that
Uncut black dustmaking your wholefucking skull crack
Better know meone-threeone and only
Could be never phony in any ceremonyI'll tear you homey
(shut 'em down!) sonsee's taking your timemaking your mind
Baddest nigga on the low defecatin with rhymes
Breakin your spinegot you movin from the flurry time to worry
I'ma bury the bullshitfeel my full clip!


Uhh.. uhhuhh
Aiyyo I bet you this motherfuckin double barrel'll blast his face
Be on the lookout - for a basketcase
Niggaz pumped you up to watch you get beat
Had you thinkin shit is sweet
Now you up shit's creekcause your shit's weak
How much is your life worth to someone importantcause I be extortin
Kidnappin for ransom is some shit that you don't want to get caught in
From back in the days of gordonniggaz was gettin robbed
The guy from rikers height stayed on his jobwith his own little mob
Was it worth goin back to the earth so soon?
Worth makin my shit go boom? ? your own doom?
Fill them graveyardstil there's no room?
Fuck you know about a pine box? money goin out with nine glocks
On top between that same niggawhen they pull out spray nine shots
Feel like killin for your crew? I ain't gon' rest
It don't take a whole lot to fill up your vest
Then watch your lungs as they spill out your chest
You best get on someact your age shit
You a little kidthat run for faces
More niggas get killed like that than a little bit

[sticky fingaz]
Ayy man sticky
F-i-n-g-a-z the crazy cajun blazin bullets for days and days
And grazin amazin I'm the guy that's lacin
Purple hazinhard to be pahsin lord all this hell that I'm raisin
God of the undergroundI'm gunnin em down with a thunder pound
We gonna (shut 'em down!) we turn shit dumb quick when the gun click
Lyin incubine pursed and lyin on your dick
In the morgue admit it dogs I'm the rottweiler my glock holla
Fuck cocaine killa I sniff gunpowder
So all you real willies throw your roley's in the sky
Now all my crooksrob them players outside!
I'm so hypeI'll take yo' lifebetter have my dough right
And fuck five micsI don't need no mic!!!!!
{*trashes the shitspeaker feedback ensures*}
What? !? !? ! bring it!!!! shut 'em down!

Chorus 2x

[sticky fingaz]
What? ? bring it!
Official nast' shut 'em down!
Word up boybout to shut down the whole industry
Official nast'dmxwe wreckin ery'thing!
So shut up! or you get shut down! like the rest of them!

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