ORGANIZED KONFUSION - The Extinction Agenda Lyrics

...the extinction agenda
......the extinction agenda
...back is the incredible o-rg-to-the-a
N-iz-ed with a k

Verse one: prince poetry

Emerging upto another levelthere I stand
Hand to hand rap combat black
Back in the land I expand data for the wack
Leaving multilated bodies lacerated limbs grim sites
And new jackspick up six and grab the ore
Dig deep into the ghetto (absorb)
I take you to a new realm
Levitating above the norm anticipating me to pick up
Seven more new jacks and commencing with this and fading
(so how dare you question) the original aborigine
In the vicinity the city's committee consider me
The trilogy of terrorwhatever I do I bring light
You're blinded by the glare of the trendsetter
Beware when I strikeblueprints like no other
The soldier of fortunethe undercover
Rebel of rap attackin the ones who's attackin blacks
I'm on a mission of peaceI make tracks
Elevate with the almighty God in front of me
Teach seeds in the hood the truththe wannabe
Competitor will have no other choice but to surrender
Can't stand the pressurethe extinction agenda

Chorus: repeat 2x

The extinction agendahah!
The extinction agendauhh.
The extinction agendauhh
The extinction agendauhh

Verse two: pharoahe monche

I'm the poetical poltergeist I heist tracks from the past
And return 'em to the present time in rhyme form
What was once dead is now resurrected on the record
And the physical words are mere residuals for my bidding
For my disposal to dispose of... who are you kidding
NightfallI stuff the rookthen I'm looking for
The original book which contains the words of god
Six hours until dawnmy quest to capture the queen
Without being seen by the pawns
Call me bishopbishop takes rookrook takes pawn
Pawn takes knightknight takes queen
Queen takes the original king james virgin (check)
I'm surgin up when I'm emergin
False clergymen you're urgin me to call you a virgin
When to say the least
Who can you trust when a priest is now the beast?
(who? what? why? and when? )
I'm the assassinator of rap
Hit rip rhyme rap ritual hit you with my best shot
Get you sit you downlet you know I never get dropped
When I flip-flop hip-hopwhen I wreck shop (nigga)
I movewith the finesse and the smoothness
Even inside of the grooves of a recordcheck it
Check it againcheck it againcheck it again
Check the metaphorsmake sure they're making sense and then
Gimme one-hundred percent credit
Let itmedi-tatein your brainlike a seda-tive
I said it and I bet it dwelve in your bloodstream.... let it live
The verses of curses that burst in the face of the first time offenders
In the realm of the extinction agenda


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