There's just too many rages
Too many infinite screams at nightwe're living in concrete cages
Another child is doomedto be torn in his mother's womb
By the spark of the twelve gauges
Sometimes it seems like I can't go onI can't go on
But when I envision a black man with thorns in his hand
On a crucifix I get strong
Never will I ever let a devil deceive me again (ha!) mislead me
Cause what i'ma hit you with's gonna hurt (yeah)
Because the flesh is meaningless it remains amongst the dirt
But the soul is uplifted
10-31-67 I'm God gifted
Mc's are changing it grows like a fungus
Beware of the evil that walks among usbehold
A fallen angelharkthe rebel
The mark of 6-6-6the devil
You better beware cause he's comin behind you
No it doesn't take long for him to find you
It's a sneak attack blackhe's gonna smack you
In the form of a rock that's inside of a capsule
Or maybe in the form of a man
That says to trust me and then begins to shake your hand
But when you examined your hand you learned
You're alarmed that your palm was disfigured and burned
No no no noit's not surprising
Open your booklook to the horizon
Start scopingopen your eyes and strive to
Study the holy qu'ran or read the holy bible
I'm making a getawayplan it's gonna be a better way
There's gotta be a better day

Hmmmmmmm... and now I asklord have mercy upon me
And grant me sightfor what I can't see
For you are the shephard and I shall not want
To frontyes to be bluntI won't flunk
For I am blessed with the gift of knowledge (yeah)
Without collegebut now let's shift
Into the specific dimension that we call earth
Where God gave us the gift of birth
Last but not least ephessians 6 tells you to teach the child
Revelation tells about two day swarmsthe guns and diseases
Homicides over epidemics and crack vials
Got guns going buck buck buck buck
And when you look up you see a kid got struck
But mentally the blood pours out of the mother's heart
Cause it hurts to lose to lucifer's part (mmmyeah)
Yesfor I have seen the light
That shines bright even in the dark of the night
And I (I) thank (thank) thee (thee)
For constantly watching over me
There are aboutfour hundred and fifty-thousand homeless without housing
Brothers sharing cells and sharing beds
They can't seek a job with this hair that's dread
Sit back and face reality with these lyrics
I hope they can uplift your spirits
(we're living in the last dayswe're living in the last days)
Cause God made water and trees food man woman
Land fire grass animals clouds and sunrays to shine
On the parents of those twenty-six kids that died last year (last year)
And it's a shame it's a crying shameuhh
Sometimes I felt that I was there
You better get up and wipe to clear your eyes
And get right with the master of disguise

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