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Sierra - Bring All The Walls Down Lyrics

Born afraid of most everything

We close our eyes until we are sure

There's nothing to see

And the fear just goes on and on

Singled out and pushed all around

We don't even help each other up

When we're knocked down

And the hurting goes on and on

Every time we seek Your face

There's a power we can't erase

Beating loud, beating strong

Beating all the walls down

Your love has a heartbeat of it's own

Hey, bring all the walls down

Bring all the walls down

Hey, bring all the walls down, hey

(Bring all the walls tumblin' down)

Living like we're trapped in a shell

'Cause it's just too hard to risk

Being hurt by somebody else

So the yearning goes on and on

'Cause we love You

Because we need You

Only You can take hold of our hearts

And break all these chains away

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