Bow Wow - My Patna Dem Lyrics

These niggas all suck, boy boy I goes in
I'm in a two seater boy watch me back them hoes in
You think I'm playin huh, no I ain't bull shitten
And when it comes to rap I got more balls so I aint quittin'
Cash money bitch, big shit poppin'
Got my top down on the coop, ridin' down go callisis
Some niggas mean muggin', better tell them niggas stop it
Play pussy if you wanna like a piff I will pop ya ok
C-M I patna dem, Y-M I patna dem
10 years in the game runnin' this shit hell nah mother fucka aint stop for him
Game, yeah that's my patna dem, Jay Rock nipsy yeah that's my patna dem
Why lupe get licked over, why da fuck hip hop don't give props to him
Man I fucks with all of dem, MJ GA balled wit dem
K Slate, I see a DJ Clue and DJ Drama dem
I'll Will my patna dem, Rockstar my patna dem
LB, Da Game, Russelou, xbox we killin' dem
Blue wheel my patna dem
Chris Breezy my patna dem
Even though we had some differences
Soulja Boy my patna dem
Shout out to S.O.D, money ganstas then my niggas
I don't got time for no haterz, I'm to busy gettin' bitches yep
Cause my bithch, my patna dem, 305 wwho adopted him
Still got my crib in the ATL after they bought my momma dem
JD, my patna dem
So so def my patna dem
Dirty ENT, nelly oh my patna dem
Magic city my patna dem, shit I done fuck with all of dem
And my nigga bought just came on so you aint act a fool again
And it's comfy on the top, boy I'm lookin' down on all yall
And I bought so much I think I deserve the game ball
Hey yo girl all on me, why you all up in our buisness
Cause you want me to, imma work her out like L.A. fitness

Thanks to razvan

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