OUTKAST - Crumblin' Erb Lyrics

Let me dig into your brainfolks fallin like rain
Property got me sellin thangsguess I'm gon' explain
Jane is rolled upno gangs be throwed up
But still andre got actionthey sweat like keithall on my teeth
I take it upon myself to handle minethinkin that you
Gots ample to do this have you shot I thought you knew this
I'm crumblin'no time for fumblin sellin my sacks watchin my back
Wettin em up like splishleavin em in a splash
Of bloodthe clock is tickin niggaz from my block is missin
I'm puttin it down like it be hot before we all get shot
Gotonly so much time in this bastard
Bitter be claimin broke but I be sayin they pro-cras-ti-natin
Settlin for lessbet' be ready
When they roll up in your nest andsink one in your chest and
Youse goneup outta here for good
Y'all be bobbin back and forth to let me know you understood


There's only so much time left in this crazy world
I'm just crumblin' erbI'm just crumblin' erb
Niggaz can't let niggaz they don't understand (what's the master plan)
I'm just crumblin' erbI'm just crumblin' erb

Verse two: big boi

So check me outsee
Once in a while when niggaz be tryin to test me I gets frisky
Grab a pint of golden whiskey then they swing but shit they missed me huh
I'm gettin nice with them thangsbecause I do like that
You heard me on the radio and yes my man I'm true to dat
I run my lyrics the way y'all wanna hear em
And shoot my dice like it's the brick the way that wall done flicks em
Niggaso ring around the roses diamonds around my neck from flexin
But I'm runnin niggaz over like a ninety-fo' lexustest it
Ten millimeters count em nigga fuckin high
See I added a millimeter for y'all niggaz doin crimes and drivebys
Kiss yo' ass bye-byesayanora suckers
I flipped the script and turned the page ain't scared of you motherfuckers
Be boppin shotslike them hoes be poppin coochies
And I still be spreadin bullets like them freaks be spreadin cooties
So look here niggazI'm huntin red october
I said my shit and ran my lyrics and now my verse is over


Verse three: big boiandre

Wooo! big boi
Got a type of nuggetblunt boxit's empty
That's where the erb be droppinit's simply marvelous time is tickin
But some of that time when I be layin vocals in the dungeon
Sugar bear and mon be smokin ounces like it ain't nuttin
It ain't shitto take another hit so hit it
Of the canibus seteva weed reefer yeah smoke shit
It's all day any til they label me deceased
So fire up another one and smoke out and fuck the world peace

Weis gonna smoke outuntil we choke out
Like some merry mencowards I be buryin
Comin around my shop with that see nigga you gets nothin
Just like dj do the cuttin I be havin your posse duckin nothin but
King shitI am askinsucka can you hand
That player with the pepper throwin salt off in your game
Sprinkle sprinkle motherfucker don't be cryin on me
That stuff the sess be in my chest until I'm chillin in peaceyeah


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