After The Fire - Bright Lights Lyrics

Young boy comes searching for the bright lights
He’s looking for those “streets of gold”
He never finds them
Down an alley thereÂ’s a back street gang
They say "Kid you shouldnÂ’t walk down here alone"
They really take him to the cleaners
They turn his pockets inside out
Then they cut him
Leave him lying in a pool of blood
In the city no one hears you when you shout

No friends, no home, no food, no money
He learns to scavenge to survive
He becomes an animal
See him running through the streets at night
You can almost see the jungle in his eyes
His mum and dad wait for a phone call
TheyÂ’re never going to see their son again
SomethingÂ’s changed him
Don’t go near him he’s a wild boy now —— This moth is dying in the flame
He’s an animal — see him running through the streets at night
He’s an animal — beneath the dirt his skin turns white
HeÂ’s a wild boy

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