Cushh - Fabulous Lyrics

They copy my style wanna be like me

Everyday I dress like I'm on tv

That's just me, fabulous me

Everywhere you go people stop and stare

Whispering and talking but you don't care

That's just me, fabulous me

Never worry about what people say about you (oh)

Oh you trendsetting you wearing your colours bright blue (oh)

I'm fabulous glamorous look at me interesting

I'm fabulous (hey hey) fabulous (hey hey )

In fashion latest trends best shoes on from louis vuitton

I'm fabulolus (hey hey) fabulous (hey hey)

They're loving my dresses yeah they're loving my hair

A little bit of passion and a touch of flair

That's just me, fabulous me

VIP passes and the hottest clubs

Cameras autographs show me the love

That's just you, fabulous you

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