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BRANDY - I Don't Really Care Lyrics

I don't really care
I don't really care

Say, say
My friend don't like you
Cus they talkin bout you
Cus they tellin me I'm doin wrong
Let em say what they want to say
Mad cus they lonely
And our thing is still goin strong

I don't really care(let em hate you)
I don't really care (long as my baby)
Is standing right here(right beside me)
They can do whatever they want to do

I don't really care(it don't phase me)
I don't really care (I got my baby)
I don't really care (let em hate you)
They can do whatever they want to
Whatever they want to do

Noooo whooooaa
Noooo whooooaa
Noooo whooooaa

They tryin to tell me
What they think I should do
Treatin me like I ain't got my own damn mind (you got your own damn mind)
Cus I'm a grown ass woman
And that's what they don't understand
But if they don't got a better way to spend their time

There ain't a damn thing they can do to me
Baby long as it's you and me
Hate if you want
Let em hate if they want
Baby as long as you believe in me
There ain't no defeating me
Hate if you want
Hate if you want

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