Snoop Dogg - Protocol Lyrics

Watch your mouth never speak on what you not know,
I'm from the west coast I turn his face into a pothole,
15 beat n-ggas creepin in a Tahoe,
Let's see you act macho when I pull the burner on you
Sideways like a taco,
Rap n-ggas we all talk like...
Trunk full of cargo,
Dry like Barstow,
Arsenal run up on em,
Get up on em,
Drill em with the clips,
N-ggas gon respect mine,
I run this whole sh-t,
Crip rag in my pocket, three eighty on my hip,
But back to this hip hop,
Who next on the list,
Gangstas don't kiss we get old and die rich,
I smoke till I'm sleep,
Crush these n-ggas with my fist,
Your daddy was a coward you's a son of a b-tch,
So back to the glock with the infra-blue clip,
We hit licks and gang bang,
You on some T-Pain sh-t,
Chop the pop...
Watch the flame til it's whip
Then I'm back to the block sh-t,
Brack sh-t, hot sh-t,
Hit em in the chest,
Thug run up in his pockets,
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Mis-representing sock em in his eye socket,
I sat back and let you little n-ggas make your profits,
Nonesense I'm watching hoes out of pocket,
You heard what they say,
Don't block it till you knock it,
You stole my whole style, I'm bout to take you fools hostage,
Brrrah, bhrrrrah,

From the looks to the hooks,
I'm looking at these new n-ggas flicking through my book,
There's only one king, you a...
I got hand machine guns and soldiers on foot,
So beef with me it's none, n-gga done south huh
I throw a bullet at ya who gon catch it n-gga duck,
Then send the goons at ya, turn ya weapons into dust,
You against me it's like trying to fight a bus,
I'm at the BET awards sitting in disgust,
It's still a G-thing but yet they wanna be us,
They wanna be Das, they wanna be Corrupt,
Cash on delivery money up front,
Yeah bubble kush out a purple blunt,
Who's the best n-gga circle one,
I'm large in the streets,
My arms and my feets knee deep in the game,
I'm the best on the beat, let you little n-gga speak
And run for a treat, muthaf-cking...
All y'all n-ggas owe me until you rest in peace,
And that's our dpg mutha f-cker,

That's real sh-t man, how the f-ck you gon keep having these award shows out here on the west coast when ain't no mutha f-ckers from the west coast winning no awards, n-gga, it's like that, it's just like that, we showed you n-ggas how to do this sh-t.

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