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TIME'S FORGOTTEN - Everything's Not Lost Lyrics

Self despair takes hold
Fake smiles on TV
Fake souls looking at me
Our lives turn to nothing
As we dance in this empty hall

Is this a joke to my soul?
Or simply a night with no end
Are all these lies a way to forget
That we live in a land of miracles?

But still
When we look into each other's eyes
When we acknowledge spirit
And we dare to look around
There's a fire burning
There's a heart holding on
There's a child who still smiles
There's a place to play without fear
There is a place where you wait for me

Drowned in this pool of "reality"
Where's mercy?
Where's life?
When did we lose our hearts?
When did we forget to wonder at life?
When did we forget to watch the stars?

Thanks to razvan

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