JIMI HENDRIX - Power Of Love Lyrics

Shoot down some of those airplanes your flyin',
Specially the ones that are flyin' too low (x2)

Come on back up to earth my friend
Come on back up with me
We've all been up through the night time, baby
Now let's read the rays of the ? ? ?

With the power of soul
Anything is possible (x2)

Flyin' too much today
It's so groovy to float around sometimes
Even a jellyfish will agree to that

Yeah, but that old jellyfish
Been floatin' around so long
Lord, he ain't got a bone
In his jelly back
Floatin' everyday and every night
Ridin' high is a risk
Sometimes the wind ain't right

With the power of soul
Anything is possible
With the power of you
Anything you wanna do

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