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Bobby Bland - A Touch Of The Blues Lyrics

I said it wasn't long ago, I was doing real good
Don't you know my baby was acting, like a sweet girl should
But she found another, whoa Lord, and I got the news
And now I'm here suffering, from a touch of the blues
My friends say I look bad, and I guess they are right
I can't eat or sleep, no no baby
I toss and turn all night, my eyes are al red
Whoa Lord, and I'm dragging my shoes
But I'm not really worried, no, no, baby
It's just a touch of the blues
I went to see my doctor, but he said I was alright
I didn't get a prescription, just some good advice
He said to forget you, whoa Lord, and stop being your fool
If you wanted to lose this touch of the blues
Oh, I guess time will ease this pain in my heart
Then I'll find a new lover baby, oh Lord, and make a brand new start
Then I'll hope that she'll love me, oh Lord, and always be true
And don't leave me here suffering, with a touch of the blues

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