Coil - Ascension Lyrics

Featuring Missy Elliott Mocha]


Ficky ficky

Uhh uhh

Ficky ficky

Uhh uhh

Ficky uhh ficky uhh uhh

Uhh Uhh

Ain't no you without me

And that's for real baby

And ain't no you without you

So what's the deal baby

And I got five little fellas trying to talk to me (say what)

But see my mind is on you so it don't matter to me

[Nicole Verse One]

What you've been giving me

I like the way it feels

Won't trade it in for nothing

Please don't take your love away

Cause if you leave, I'd never be the same (be the same, same, same)

Oh no no no (1-2)

I may be young in age

But I know I'm in love

I don't care what they say

They don't know a thing about us (a thing about us, thing about us)

Cause you've got my back and I've got your trust

I'm not trying to see you without


I can't see me without you

I can't see no you without me

That's something

I can't conceive

Cause there's no me without you


Verse Two

[Nicole - Verse Two]

Girls tried to separate us

And make me lose my cool

Your best friend tried to play you

But I held it down for you

Thatt, just to show my love is true (is true)

The times came when I thought I couldn't

Live without your love

But I just couldn't shake you

Memories of you weren't enough

Now I know that I'm living for your touch

And I'm not trying to see without

[Repeat Chorus]


Take me to the bridge

[Nicole - Bridge]

There's no me without you

There's no you without me

I can't see it

I can't feel it

I ain't even trying to hear it

(repeat x2)

[Nicole - Rap]

Travel the seas at a high speed

For your L-O-V-E

Dealing inequality

Exchanging car keys

B.S. freeze

On top of all situations

Relationships are long term

And plus I deal with patients

I try to fight this feeling

This really good feeling

I can't see

Sometimes I feel I'm illing

All we need to is intrigue in this love thing

You and me make the world thing

I can't see

[Repeat CHORUS x2]

I can't see

I can't see

Nobody but you and me (yo yo yo)

I can't see

I can't see (that's something I can't conceive)

(Cause there's no me without you)


Nicole Wray

Brian Morgan

Misdemeanor here

I can't see

I can't see (1-2)

Nobody but you me (no doubt)

That's something I can't conceive (say what

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