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Flight Of The Conchords - We're Both In Love With A Sexy Lady Lyrics

I think i've fallen in love with a girl, its serious
Oh thats great news Bret, tell me bout that girl thats so serious
Well I don't really know her
Oh, that don't sound so serious
It's serious, I'm delirious
Sounds serious
Thats cool, I met a new girl too
Have you?
One of those girls you met on the net?
No, we really met
Well thats great news, whats she like? What does she do?
All I know dawg, is that shes careless with her dog
I'm not sure what she does, except she makes me want her
She makes me want to get on top of her
Oh that sounds great man, thats sounds great
Hey, wait
Maybe I'm crazy, but when did you meet this lady?
Just then
Right then?
Right then
Over there?
Over there
Over there there?
Over there there there
Just now?
Just now
How'd you meet your lady?
I was going for a jog then she lost a dog
I was running in the area and she lost a terrier
Was this about 20 seconds ago?
No, about 23 seconds ago
Ooooh No, Oh no
Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, no no what?
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
No, I'm thinking what I'm thinking
So your not thinking what I'm thinking?
No, cause your thinking I'm thinking what your thinking
Are you talking bout a girl with a beautiful smile?
Like strawberry wine?
Ya, Ya
Blueberry track suit pants?
White chocolate skin?
And socks?
That sounds like her
Hang on a minute
Stop the track
Eugene, stop the track
Do you meen the girl who came up to us when we were running in the park
just now and she was looking for her epileptic dog?
Ya, thats the girl
Was her name Brahbrah?
No, I think it was Barbera
Her name was Brahbrah
It was Barbera, there's no such name as Brahbrah
Its Brahbrah
Its Barbera
Bret, she was looking at me
No, she was looking at me
Bret, she was looking at me, she had her eye on my knee
Dawg, I am sorry, she had her eye on my guns
Oh, you're loco! She was checkin out my buns
No bro, she had her eye on me
She had her eye on me
Well how could she have her eye on both of us?
Wait a minute, you talkin bout the girl with the lazy eye?
I think she might have had a slight little lazy eye
We're both in love with a sexy lady with an eye thats lazy
The girl thats fly with a wonky eye
Shes smokin with an eye thats broken, I think it's hot
The way she looks left alot

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