QUEEN LATIFAH - Superstar Lyrics

You ain't gotta be no superstar
I only want to find out who you are
And we gotta be no Superman
So if you wanna talk to me, you can
My girlies caught me on a good day
I was (something) to move a job
So we took it to a club
Nigga we would make out a little
And plus at the time I was single, a little
So I said "Fine, we could meet up about nine"
So anyway we crossing the place where bub is flowing
We walking around, giving up peace to everyone we knowin
Some people in the joint is yellin "Hurt me, Hurt me"
I'm working my way over to the bar cus I'm thirsty
And then I see this guy
Oh no, I think he sikes me
I smile cus he's fly
He smiles back, I think he likes me
Well then it takes a twist
He sends his homeboy to talk to me cus he's scared to get dissed
I don't walk baby
I don't bite neither
You coulda asked me yourself for my number to my beeper
The worst thing I'da said was "No"
So maybe next time you better push a (something)
Saturday moving in the house
Lookin at the videos
At the same time I'ma tryna put on my clothes
First date (First Date) with the guy's name was Nate
Was he fly?
Yes he was
Word up, the type you have on a plate
Cus I only met him last night
So I don't really know him, but I hope it goes right
So he pulls up at my door in a twenty-four foot limo
What is on his (something), are we expecting more?
He showered me with gifts and then he kissed me on my hand
Now what was in your plan?
I really didn't understand
We're only going to the movies
Either you're trying to impress me or watch you're trying to get the poony
Listen baby, I don't want a condo
You can make me smile a little and give me convo
All I might require from my man is intelligence
And all them other material things is irrelevant
(Chorus twice)
Now if you ready to deal with a girl who consider herself a queen
And you know how to treat a queen
Then step to the scene
We can sit alone in a room and deal
We can take a ride listening to music and chill
And I can do the crazy things I never thought I'd do
And maybe I can do all of those crazy things with you
Cus you ain't gotta be no superstar honey
All I wanna find out is exactly who you are
Money ain't gone make me love ya
And even with your car
So cease with that attitude
With that attitude you won't be getting far
And I love all of my brothers with a passion
Can't a sister get the same type of reaction
(Yeah) If you cool like dat
Take a trip to Jersey cus that's where I'm at

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