Tegan And Sara - Someday Lyrics

They yell, "Speak up!"
I fill these pages like I fill those spaces with my lies
They yell, "Step down!"
A crowd's not worth this, and love's not worthless
You gotta step up, stranger

Might paint something I might wanna hang here someday
Might write something I might wanna say to you someday
Might do something I'll be proud of someday
Mark my words, I might be something someday

They yell, "Write on!"
A class-act president
You are my boss, I am confident in your eyes
They yell, "Move up!"
Don't stand back here and wait like an animal at a farmer's gate
Am I food or am I free?
So speak up!
This is your last chance, my friend
Roll the windows down and take me in
Reach out!
Say what you're really about
Are you coming here or not?
Are you coming out?

Chorus (x2)

I don't wanna know that you don't want me
I don't wanna know what you do without me
I don't wanna know what I'll be without you
I don't wanna know, I don't wanna know (x2)

Chorus (x2)

Chorus and Bridge (x2)

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