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7 Generations - Ritual lyrics

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Horror in the eyes of a gentle being

As the butchers blade approaches to end a life of


Skin is torn, a final cry in anguish

All that oculd have been fades as a tortured heart

beats for the last time

A living creature that could have been loved and felt

love in return

Confined to a waking nightmare of loneliness, abuse and


Deprived of freedom, surrounded by filth and knowing

nothing but pain

A tragic, hopeless existence doomed to end in a violent


Sacrificed by compassionless hands on the bloody alters


Convenience, apatrhy and greed

Mutilated, carved limb from limb into a lifeless pile

of flesh

To satisfy the urge to dine on the dead

A systematic atrocty of domination and destruction

Creating famine, pestilence and suffering

An endless slaughter perpetuated by emrciless killers

devoid of

any reverence

With no justificatin beyond might makes right

And there is not one second of this inhumanity that is

righteous, necessary or excusable. Every single

instance, every animal murdered in terror is an act of

cruelty without beauty and a death for no reason. Every

meal that comes at the price of a life is complicity in

a holocaust that is beyond comparison

and the cold, callous, thoughtless continuation of a

vicious ritual of bloodlust

A ritual of bloodlust

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