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Drumfish - Will You Come Bother Me Lyrics

What do you come here seeking advice
Boy get rid of that head lice
Crawling, crawling out of here

We don’t see you anymore
You must have found some kind of cure
Take care of your problems makes you smile, smile, smile

Can’t believe that you have found
Can’t believe you tracked us down
It’s hard to imagine that were always found

We’ve not seen you in some time
You must have fallen in a hole
Now we carry our boxes all alone

Will you come bother me

Well I’m keeping up with you
And that’s more than you can ask me to
Being my soul mates good for you

My shoes have fallen on bad times
Always standing here in line
It’s hard to imagine why they’re always on

They don’t’ seem to be aware
Leave their footprints everywhere
Footprints everywhere

And everywhere that Mary went
She has reason to believe
That it goes on and on and on and on and on

Will you come bother me

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