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Dam - Stranger in My Country Lyrics

Tawfiq Ziad:

I'm calling you
I shake your hand
I kiss the ground beneath your feet and tell you "I will redeem you"
And I give you the light of my eyes
And the warmth of my heart
And the tragedy which I live
Is that my fate is just like yours


All the boats pass us by leaving a sadness to drown our hearts
So we becomes guests of the darkness in our homes
And the verse is flipped again
We've become guests who are unwelcome
Strangers in our own land, separated from our country
Who cares about our worries?
A slow death runs in our blood
A democratic Zionist regime is ruling us
Democratic to those who are Zionist
And Zionist to those who are Arab
In other words, what is forbidden for him is forbidden for me
And what's allowed for him is forbidden for me
And what's allowed for me is undesirable for me
Because it denies my existence
It erased and continues to erase my colors
History has forgotten my ancestors and brainwashes my children
That wake up to a present that doesn't represent them
The blue citizenship (Israeli citizenship) we piss out and drink of its water
You tell us we are part of the people and the people make us feel like foreigners
I am a stranger in my country

Amal Basharat:

Where can I go, strangers have occupied my home?
My soul told me, "the embrace of your family will protect you my dear"
Where can I go?
My brothers and sisters didn't care about my situation
My soul told me, "walk with your head held high!"


We see faces that don't want us around
Glances that fear us, whispers that curse us
Gestures driving us away and oppressing us
They're forgetting that our ancestors built these buildings
And our brothers are still building their foundations
And their foundation is the Arabs of the Mosques and the Churches
In the end people from another country screaming "transfer" at me
We're complaining to laws that digest our rights
Suppress our voices
Inside the green line (ie the division between Israel and the Occupied territories) destroying our homes
Unemployment encircles us
We grow up in poverty and poverty raises our minds
But our hearts live and preserve our roots
Those who call us traitors
No no no no
I have never been worthless in my country
The tragedies of my people are what have written my fate
The world until this point has treated us like Israelis
And Israel is always going to treat us like Palestinians
I'm a stranger in my country


Thirteen martyrs, destiny is near
With rocks in hand, thirteen martyrs
The greatness of our country, the pillar of our country
Black October proved that it's in our blood
If everyone is born under occupation
How can they not throw back at the past? (reference to stone throwing)
Rather, throw himself like a sword
Battling the weapons that consider our blood water
Killing the peaceful voice with live ammunition
As a tear of pain cries "I am running down an Arab cheek"
Muhammad and Jesus Christ, we're a mountain that the wind cannot shake
We keep representing nationalism
Symbols of freedom
The flame of our grandfathers lights the soul of the youth
I am a stranger in my country
But I thank the lord that I hold onto my heritage
They called me a traitor
An Arab inside the 48 boundaries (Arabs who stayed in Israel after most of the Arabs were driven out in 1948 to establish an Arab state are view by other Palestinians and Arabs as traitors sometimes)
While you got your hand on your head
We are the roots of Palestine
Forever and always

Thanks to razvan

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