Drumfish - Selfish Song Lyrics

I’m wondering where I’m going
I’m wondering where I’m gonna be
Some people say I’m falling
I’m sorry I tend not to agree

If you wish you can come with me
There’s plenty of room in my life
Needless apprehension
Another year of senseless strife

Can’t you see I’m happy here
Cant you see it’s nothing you need fear
I’m just trying to do what I do
Why can’t I be me and be with you

Make a small adjustment
A pocket full of compromise
A selfless perspective
You can’t see through my eyes

Run away from me if you must
Think carefully about what it is that you do
Would you have me life with regret
You know I’d never ask that of you

Why do you say it’s pointless
Why do you say we cannot live this way
We can be together
Commitments we need not betray

It’s not what you say here
It is what you do
And I can’t take this
It’s eating me alive and I say

Sing a selfish song

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