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Boa - Dakishimeru (I'll Hold You) (English Version) Lyrics

I throw down my bag and cell phone
On the side seat
Powdered snow glistening off my Cabriolet
As I drive it off the curb
Alone and free, I pass moon on the buildings
I know loneliness is best friend

I know, even if we agree to meet at 6:30
You always showed up just past 7
You’d would want to give it your all for things you want to do?
Mama says a man is dreamer

*I can’t say what I want to say
(Can’t love anymore that’s alright)
Even though I absolutely love you

**When I hug even the weak you
True love, you are an angel to me
Whatever happens, I will simply love you
If there is a place I can come home to, its your chest

On a busy morning
I pick the shoes I want to wear
I feel like I’m in the world of Cinderella’s story
Without knowing happiness, I reluctantly dance
Baby will you dance take a chance

If the road only goes one way,
(Show me where to go? Lead my by your hand)
I won’t loose my way

***If each of us desired this
We’d run to the end of the world
I would heal your injured wings
So sweet, I would give you my hand

Hey, what do you desire?
From the first moment I saw you
You, without warning
Came into my heart
So why are my tears flowing like this now?
I’m not a girl, but I’m not a woman
Hold you!


Thanks to Adrina for these lyrics

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