Flight Of The Conchords - Petrov, Yelyena and Me Lyrics

Peltrov, Yelyena and me, lost but happy at sea
Peltrov and Yelyena say to me
Shouldn't we have something to eat
I say there are plenty of fish in the sea
But all they can see is me

They said any last requests?
Biting my time I said yes
I want to party, just we 3, lost but happy at sea

So we drank all night from the keg
I passed out and awoke with one leg
I said Petrov, have you seen my leg?
He said no and he went back to bed
But he look suspiciously well fed

3 days later they were hungry again, they said
Any last requests my friend again?
So I said do you know the Rolling Stones?
It was a hilarious moment in a very bleak, bleak time of my life

So we danced all night to the Rolling Stones
When I awoke they were chewing on bones
Yelyena was sopping blood from a cup
That's when I knew that something was up

Hey Petrov, what is that your eating? It's fish
How come it looks so much like my arm
Which has been hacked off the elbow last night?
Well, it's an arm fish

Later that night while they were asleep
I swallowed some arsenic to poison my meat
I was very ill but revenge is so sweet
Unlike the last meal my comrades would eat

When I awoke they were already dead
All that was left of me was my head
No, not dead just a head, lost but so lonely at sea

Thanks to Adrina for these lyrics

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