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Mortum - The Druid Ceremony Lyrics

Hear the whispers in the mind

See the leaves falling from the trees

Winter's not far away now

Nature dies of massing cries

The druids of death is chanting

Their charms of ancient magic

To summon the past

As lightning strikes from the cloudless sky

A ring of fire has been drawn

The circle of protection's complete

This ritual has begun

Invocation of the elements is made

As the rain starts falling to the ground

And both fire and wind appear all around

Now the real task is to be performed

To summon the serpent... of the infernal sea

From where the dwells in the deepest abyss

Leviathan come to me

Under the moon the ritual ends

As the sun is rising, about to hit this glade

The silence is everywhere around

The birds don't sing their songs of joy

Not even the wind whispers here anymore

Trace of emptiness is left behind

The druids have all disappeared

And so has their altar of sacred stone

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