Gits - Absynthe Lyrics

There are these people that use you for

Their own need for deception

By the size of their lies and

The size of the stories that they're telling

They've proved themselves to be

Very small.....minded

Do you ever think when you're dealing with the worst

The outcome is the best thing for you

And by the good of evil is the knowledge

That you face it

I could put it in some theme of a tale

Or a story from a myth

But it means a simple thing

I ain't worth nothing if there's no perspective

Of truth in my life

I think I've had enough

I wonder why I don't just go off

Don't like to be a violent woman

But I know I have it in me.

I know I shouldn't be surprised

Why some people look like hogs rolling in the mud

It's a dying shame

That's where some look for the truth!

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