Bow Wow - Every Other Lyrics

Shawty Got Potential
Tell Me What The Issue
If Dont Call You Right Back I Aint Tryna Diss You
I Know You The Wifey Type
I Know I Do Shit You Dont Like
Instead Of Left I Dont Know Why I Cant Treat Her Right
She Be Like Why We Dont Eat Out No More
Why We Dont Go Out No More
My Response Is I Dont Know
She Say Im Just Like Every Other Nigga
Damn I Guess Im Just Every Other Nigga

(Verse 1)
Ok She On A Nigga Case Again
Askin Me Why We Dont Go Out
Why We Always In The Crib
I Say Ima Superstar
Baby Thats Just How It Is
She Dont Wanna Hear That
She Like Tell That To Another Bitch
She Like It Cuz Im Not Famous
Like Your Ex Huh
Why You Dont Care About Me
Bow Where The Love Gone
And When I Treat You Wrong
I Do It For A Reason
Guess Im Something like A Drug
The Way Lil Mama Be Feenin
And She Never Gotta Worry
Money Stacked Up To The Ceilin
Even Though She Not My Girl
Dont Like When Im With Other Women
Good Man You Deserve It
Right Now Im Feelin Worthless
I Dont Mean To Make Ya Sad
I Dont Do It On Purpose
And We Both Pisces
Man She Just Like Me
Sometime I Say Some Stupid Shit
That Make Her Wanna Fight Me
Deep Down Inside
I Know That She That Ride
Or Die Chick
Smoke Weed Cook Good
Always On Her Fly Shit


(Verse 2 )
She Blowin Up A Nigga Sidekick
Going Threw My Magnum Box
Counting All My Condoms
Yea We Fuss And Fight At Times
Lately I Been Outta Line
Baby Ima Change
I Know You Heard That Shit
A Thousand Times
Baby We Just Need Some Time
We Dont Need To Rush
Complaining Bout Me Play Madden
Telling Me To Grow Up
But I Cant Even Lie
Man Lil Mama Hella Jealous
Sometimes I Just Wanna Kick It
Watch The Game With The Fellas
But I Cant Cuz My Shorty
Wowlin Out All The Time
I Cant Take This Shit No More
So Right Here I Draw The Line
She A Real Chick
She Would Do Anything For Me
Like When I Kissed Ty Banks
I Had To Hear That Shit For Weeks
Like Damn !!

(Chorus )

(Verse 3 )
She Tell Her Girlfriends Everything
Bow Dont Do This
Bow Buy Me Everything
Askin When Im Gone Man Up
And Buy Her A Wedding Ring
And You Already Know What Counts
Its The Little Things That Do For Ya
Baby Ill Do It To You
And Im Ya Number On Fan
Girl Im Root For Ya
And Whenever You Go Shopping
Here Is Some Loot For Ya
What Do I Gotta Do
To Let Ya Know
I Do Love Ya

(Chorus )

Thanks to Adrina for these lyrics

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