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QUEEN LATIFAH - A King & Queen Creation Lyrics

[45 king]
Let's start the show offsisters ago look alive
The queen latifahthe king of 45
Bringing a mixture of pure flavor
I make beatsshe rock rhymesso I gave a
A sample soundthe she added a compound
Wordthis is for those who haven't heard
A king and queen combine minds and trample
Thos who oppose ushere's an example

[queen latifah]
It's time to runthe king and queen is on the set
The competition is petty and ready to step
To the first onego aheadrehearse one
I hope you don't know you sound like the worst one
Rhymes are smokingconcentration can't be broken
Queen latifah's outspoken
Use your imaginationpicture this
Any male or female rapper trying to diss
Here for excitement and enticement
With my competitors killed I go build with my enlightenment
Teach the youthfeed the needy
Confident decendent of queen nefertiti
The mother of civilization will rise
Like the cream and still build the strong foundation
Secondary but necessary to reproduce
Acknowledge the fact that I'm black and I don't lack
Queen latifah is giving you a piece of my mind
A rhyme spoken by a feminine teacher
Rhymes I do employno time for slimy toys
I'm steady and stable and the label is tommy boy
Backed by the unitproduced by the king
Perfection pressed with the style that we bring
For the hip-hop patientsthis is a king and queen creation

[45 king]
Technicianmusical musician
I'm stating the factsstrictly non-fiction
In hip-hopyou wonder who's in trouble most
Creativityyou get a double dose
How can you stop me? noI put you to a test
The rhymes are romeo (the beat's a juliet)
With topic blendthis makes me a hard one
PersevereI'm heregets taught one
Strength producerI send you an ultimatum
Hardcore worldwide is how I take 'em
I rocknever hyperventilate
Others get tiredcould use a commercial break
45 kingdj mark's my alias
It takes a ton of mc's to prevail against me
Just listenI'm unstoppable
You want a mission? this one's impossible
Beats rock all night with no curfew
My talent's advancedyou haven't a clue
How I do itthe smoothest loopest spare it
If the style fitsI wear it
Many attempts were madenone was recognized
45 king said sample soundified
I'm going to wonderland to checkfind out who's next
You pretty goodbut not quite a legend yet
Studio mixerI got the formula
And said the man from selfI'm warning you
It's my domainjust ask my chauffer
My ride's equipped everything from a pool to a sofa
On topit's a usual act
Can't wait to get down to 45 studios
I'm into rapbut no urge to sing
I'm dj mark4545 king of swing

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