Raekwon - Ice Water Lyrics

Intro: ghostface killer

Tommy hil' rockin ice niggaz
Tommy hil' ice rockin niggaz who fuck...
Take a one on one to this shit y'all (yeah)
Get your nostrils clear (yeah)
Come onsniff your brains out
All my al caponeal pacino niggaz (yeah)
Who's down with drug smuggling
Cappadonnagolden arms

Verse one: ghostface killer

Take out the rap kingpinthe black jesus
I know a few niggaz sniff cokeit cause seizures
Peace to half-moon caesars
And all the bitches in the bleachers
Hot weathersex on the beaches
Jury shopping out of the country
Deluxe luxurypeople saying dem not change
Looktruckle me
But what about the wonder woman bracelet
Two-oh point three diamond cut engraved rubies
Kid I laced it
My sweet tooth gotta nigga throbbinready for robbin
But first hit maria'sfor a butter almond
The bionic microphone is stacked mechanic
Move like a bunch of mexicans with bandanas
Sonit's on so we can just maximillion
I got the spot sewnso we can make a billion
The god's tropical
Ladies call me black fruit punch
Rainbowflavored niggas murder niggas for lunch
Peace to the paris crew in the avenueand my nigga jay love
Who carries switch blades on the red roof

Verse two: cappadonna

Yothe first branchthe third leafwhoever want it got beef
I politicshow lovecrush those who dare creep
Into my realm of sunshine I praise divine
Fine line between dawn of dumbdeaf and blind
He ain't minehe shook like the faggots on daytime
Crossed over grain while we was bubblin moonshine
Sippin on the moetlaid uprae-gambino
Mastermind the plantony starkscappachino
Develop while your head be swellin up all for the nation
Blinded by the ice while I release the confrontation
Donna holy fat bads of weedravioli
Pastabodyguard the killa bee songs like kevin costner
Infrared all inside your bumba rasta
Cappadonna pimped the derby like the mobster

Interlude: ghostface

Eight spaghetti lame brain ass niggaz
Quartersnickelsand dimes bitch
Except for overtime nigga
Any ass money should be fine
Cause I'm coming strongreaking niggas backs
Keepin shit real
If you haven't noticed this crazy ass rustyass nigga
Let me tell you this four times
Tony starksraekwon the chef
Cappachino and golden arms
Is comin through mad strong
From the isles of shaolin
For all them faggot ass
Rusty ticket-head bitches too
Shump shump baby

Verse three: raekwon the chef

Yo back in the daysbaggin crackscrapin plates
Flippin cakes to them heavy head niggaz hatin jakes
It be usall the war's soldiershangin in halls gettin over
City niggaz who for blood money rockin rovers
Stay dippeddon't have no money in your pocket
In the streets while these people mark money in their jeep
Crack bums watch your back for jumps
Caught before a fake twenty dollar bill
Get em sonwe ain't the one
Politickinpurse vickinsick of these dominicans
Eatin goodhad to shoot my way up out of bennigans
That's lifeto top it all offbeef for white
Pullin bleach out tryin to throw it in my eyesight
Yo what the fuck was on yo mind?

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