69 Solution

69 Solution - Beer Is Ignorance, I'll Drink To That lyrics

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How long do we have to endure, the imitation of our "rock stars", our "cover girls and those drug addicted fools, who impoverish our minds with the praise of our god....ALCOHOL! So let's through our beer in the air, as our minds go down the drain. I don't want to be terrorised, by your makeshift society, if you don't understand what you're drinking to. Show them what your fucking made of, as you try to stumble your way home. But who cares anyway, you won't remember tomorrow. So as you drink to this, remember these words (yeah right after all this booze): REVOLUTION! You don't know what you're talking about! (Dedicated to the beer drinkers of America you just chanted "revolution" for no apparent reason)

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