69 BOYZ - 2 A.M. (Watcha Doin'?) lyrics

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[69 Boyz]


now you can be a cute country girl from Idaho

thats 23 who ain't never been outside before

locked in the basement without a radio or t.v.

and still know that if you go to the embassy sweet

at 2 0 clock in the morning, then the chance is strong

15 minutes later for your pants to be gone

fold it up in the recliner right next to ya shirt

right next to ya bra that's right next to ya purse

right next to the kingsize B-E-D

you coulda stayed at ya crib to watch B.E.T.

cuz if you come to see me at the M.G.M.

and ya faking then ya outta here like MC Em

cuz before I sit around and watch you play naieve

I rather ask you to leave so I could catch some Z's

and I ain't trying to be rude

I'm just busting a flow so that you know before you come through my hotel

door that


if it's 2 0 clock

and you don't wanna let ya panties drop

so I can make that booty hop

then watcha doing in my hotel room

I don't know whats on ya mind

well if it ain't that 69

back up by the bump and grind

then watcha doing in my hotel room

[69 Boyz]

enough of that

too much shine and recline

time to bring the room more thrill than 69

whys you in mine?

if you ain't giving it thats flat 9 outta 10 times

you only good on yo back

contradicted what you speak I see the tweak in yo eye

the type of female only freaking when she drunk or she high

be it not I keep it both that ain't my way to advance

but when you do beg yaself to get naked and dance

if you ain't with it let me know

don't be stopping my stroke

cuz you can leave I call some more we'll continue to smoke

ain't no lac all my luxury unless I'm tapping ya lid

I bought em all for 2 reasons what you think this is

well it ain't a big nigga tell ya straight out the mouth

if you ain't heard of dog talk where they talk in the south

from outta nowhere make a debut uplifted my image

if it ain't sex get outta my room conversation is finished


[69 Boyz]

I know what you came here for

please don't front on me

no no

lolly pop love is what I have in store

[JT Money]

say whats up sweet thang

as you came we finna get off the chain

juss me and you after 2 playing grown up games

now baby tell me what you came fo

I hope the freak between them secrets thats exactly how this game go

it ain't gonna change so girl you can stop fronting

you know this time of night a playa be expecting something

you say you tired and wanna chill I ain't with that

you wants to chit chat girl I wants to hit that

I wanna get it on till the early morn

I'm already bone trying to get some loving girl you dead wrong

fronting like bustling what you came to do

girl out the 2 shoot busting is the thang to do

I peep that game in ya

if you gonna play you can flex

cuz ain't nothing on my mind this time of night but sex

getting my rocks on

knock ya socks off ya feet

trying to act all shy but girl you know you a freak


if it's 2 0 clock

and you don't wanna let ya panties drop

so I can make that booty hop

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